This Line-Up is SOLID!

We are happy to present the official 2012 WordCamp schedule!

Our local community of amazing WordPressers has assembled over 21 (soon to be 25) topics and speakers that were voted on as the BEST for our 2nd annual WordCamp.

We have 4 tracks:

  1. Content: you get out what you put in – a collection of topics that will help you use WordPress as the best vehicle for [insert your new online idea here]
  2. Design: mmm, make it look goooood – create a better user experience & learn how to make people say “Wow! That’s a WordPress site?”
  3. Development: get under the hood & get dirty – a great collection of speakers who know their way around the codex!
  4. Campfire: e’erbody gather ’round! – great topics that everyone should learn about. Feel free to bring marshmallows, but unfortunately safety regulations won’t let us have a real fire 🙁

There are officially only 38 days left to purchase tickets!

Stay tuned for more info & further tweaks & additions to the schedule. If there is something you don’t see that you would like to learn, please comment below or email us at

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One Response to This Line-Up is SOLID!

  1. Do you need a to make use of this conference? I only have a .com and understand it’s not so easy to switch it over.