Think Out of the Box with Aaron

Aaron’s presentation: Advanced Theming: Building Custom Functionality to Make Your Theme Work for You

How many years have you used WordPress? 4 years total, 1 year professionally

I look forward to speaking because: I am excited about getting people to think bigger about their theme and get away from the “out of the box” concept. I want to teach people how small customizations can turn WordPress into a powerful tool.

Favorite WordPress Project: Currently, I am working on a standardized WordPress template for WashU that includes a ton of functionality built in. This template will not only standardize WashU’s brand across multiple platforms, but give us the ability to deploy robust sites quickly.

In the future, I see WordPress being used for  every site that calls for content management. WordPress is the swiss army knife of website platforms.

WordPress has changed the way I approach any web development project.

Best real-life camping story: I love cooking over the camp fire. One morning, I’m unsure how, but my hash browns turned out charcoal grey – they tasted just fine. Now, anytime I go camping I get the request for my infamous grey hash browns.

See Aaron & other great WordPressers at WordCamp STL 2012

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