Spotlight: Brandon Dempsey

Brandon’s presentation: WordPress & Marketing

How many years have you used WordPress? 6

I look forward to speaking because: Online marketing has been completely changed by WordPress – there is so much more you can do!

Favorite WordPress Project: It is an amazing site that is capable of a tremendous amount.

In the future, I see WordPress being used as the standard in web content.

WordPress has changed the way I interact with the web, share content with others and build profitable business.

Best real-life camping story: When I was in boy scouts, we once went camping out in Kansas somewhere. We were in this gigantic open field that was probably 4-5 football fields long. As we were setting up our tent a storm started to blow in. We had one of those dome pop up tents and just as we got it all set up (but before we got the stakes in the ground) the wind went crazy and our tent started flying/rolling away from us in the wind. We must have chased it at least 2 FOOTBALL fields before we caught it and then we couldn’t get it back because it was like one big kite as we tried to walk back. Ultimately we had to take it all apart and carry it back, then reassemble putting the stakes in the ground FIRST.

See Brandon & other great WordPressers at WordCamp STL 2012

Learn more about Brandon at his site

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