Looking for Speakers!

Just like your hoopty, we need to pack WordCamp with more speakers.  In order to crank the jams for this magnificent event, this is a call for speakers.  We need people willing to come in and do 50 minute sessions on WordPress topics.

Requirements for Speakers*

  • Must have a pulse (sorry, zombie bloggers…rules are rules).
  • In order to keep the STL in WordCamp STL, speakers must live in, work in, or be from the Greater St. Louis Area (exceptions will be made for legends, such as Matt Mullenweg).
  • Must have some level of familiarity with WordPress (obviously), whether you work with it occasionally, or are down and dirty messing in its code.
  • Must have a topic (no free-form improv poetry).
  • Must have a prepared presentation, you will not be allowed to wing it (no free-form improv poetry).
  • Must be Awesome like WordPress

You can tag team, bring in presentation materials, and be creative.  We recommend speakers have a prepared 25-35 minute presentation with Q&A time afterwards.  This year we will shorten each session to 40 minutes total, with 20 minutes in between.   We will have projectors and screens available for each session if you wish to use PowerPoint, Keynote, prezi etc.  You can check out last year’s speakers at our 2011 WordCamp Site.

Speakers Needed

If you would like the opportunity to speak at WordCamp 2012, please fill out the form below and we will contact you soon.

*Besides simply not being a undead-out-of-state-word-artist-with-no-experience-on-the-internet, there are other qualifications, and all potential presenters will be vetted. But if you are reading this, if you’re down with the WordPress ideology, and if you’ve got your ducks in a row, this should be smooth sailing.

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