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Randy’s presentation: Hooks & Filters

How many years have you used WordPress? 4.5

I look forward to speaking because: hooks & filters make it possible to manipulate WordPress Core, Themes & Plugins. Once you grasp the concepts (of hooks and filters) you really can make WordPress do anything!

Favorite WordPress Project: My core theme. I’ve been working on it since 2008 and it’s finally starting to become a fairly decent framework. Though I will admit it has a long way to go!

In the future, I see WordPress being used for a code library, a CMS, & yet it will always be able to hold just a simple website.

WordPress has changed the way I interact with clients. Now I can hand off the site & don’t have to worry about mundane updates that in the past only a developer could do.

Best real-life camping story: My friends and I almost started a forest fire. In the dry heat of Northern California it was not a good thing. It took us almost 24hrs of hiking water from the lake to keep the secondary fires out while the main died down! Lesson learned :p

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